Window Insect Screen Mesh

Woven Wire Mesh for Insect and Fly Screen Mesh

Insect screen mesh plays an important role in protecting human health, hygiene and a comfortable living environment from harmful airborne pests such as flies, mosquitoes, and moths. And Dongfu company can provides various specifications of woven wire mesh for insect screen and can provide different materials for customers with special needs.

Woven insect screen is the most popular material for door and window screens. While protecting the room from insects and other pests, it also maintains fresh air circulation and does not block the entry of light. And the wire mesh is almost maintenance-free, very durable.

We provide a wide range of standards applicable to industrial, commercial and family residences, etc. Our insect screen can be used in windows, doors and any vents in homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants and other places where airborne pest problems may exist.

Features of insect screen mesh

  1. Preventing the entry of flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies is its main use.
  2. High strength and good toughness, with a certain anti-theft effect.
  3. Highly transparent mesh that does not block light from entering.
  4. The controllable opening area can keep the indoor fresh air circulation.
  5. Corrosion resistance, anti-rust, almost maintenance-free and extremely durable product characteristics.
  6. Different materials can be selected to suit different usage environments.

Optional materials and specifications recommended

  • 304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
    The most commonly used material as an insect net, strong and durable, anti-corrosion. It has all the characteristics of an insect screen and has the highest cost performance, suitable for most environments.
  • 316 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
    As an upgraded version of 304 stainless steel, it has higher corrosion resistance and is usually used in more harsh environments, such as saltwater, marine environment, and surrounding buildings.
  • Bronze Mesh Insect screen
    The unique appearance color is the main reason for users to choose it. The initial brown-red and green-brown after patina have added hand-woven aesthetics to the building. At the same time, its corrosion resistance allows it to be used in a variety of environments.
  • Brass Mesh Insect Screen
    It also has a beautiful appearance color (usually golden yellow) but also has the characteristics of high strength, high wear resistance, and durability. Widely used in villas, high-end hotels, etc., is an ideal choice for architectural decoration and insect control.
  • Copper Mesh Insect Screen
    Copper wire mesh is not very commonly used as door and window screens. Although it also has a unique metallic color and extremely high corrosion resistance, it is softer and lower in strength than other materials. And the lower cost performance may also be one of the reasons for the unpopularity.

Our insect screen meshes are woven using high-quality metal wire. In addition to the common high-transparency copper and stainless steel mesh, we also provide low-transparency insect screen mesh options for privacy and security.

Have to be aware of is:

  • The insect screens we provide are highly resistant to corrosion, but this does not mean that they will never rust.
  • Copper, bronze, and brass are easily affected by the atmosphere. We will maintain the initial color at the time of delivery, but we cannot guarantee future color changes.
  • The insect screen is made of metal wire mesh, which has certain safety, but it cannot be used as a safety protection device.
  • We usually sell them in full rolls, but if the customer has special needs, we can also provide cutting services.

For more information about the materials, specifications, sizes, and prices of insect screen mesh, you can contact us at any time to discuss custom orders. We can provide you with the most competitive factory prices and can recommend the most suitable insect screen standards and specifications for your needs.