Mesh, Mesh Count, and Micron Size

Mesh, Mesh Count, and Micron Size

Mesh Count and Micron Size are some of the important terms in the wire mesh industry. The Mesh count is calculated by the number of the holes in an inch of mesh, so the smaller is the woven holes the bigger is the number of holes.
The Micron Size refers to the size of the holes measured in microns.
In order to make it easier for people to understand the number of the holes of the wire mesh, these two specifications are usually used together. This is the key component of specifying the wire mesh. The Mesh Count determines the filtering performance and function of the wire mesh.

More intuitive expression:
Mesh Count = number of mesh hole. (larger the mesh count, the smaller the mesh hole)
Micron Size = size of mesh hole. (larger the micron size, larger the mesh hole)

Mesh Count Measurement

Usually use an counting glass to measure the mesh count of the woven wire mesh

Mesh Uniformity Measurement

Use a simple microscope to check the uniformity of the mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Samples (5-400 mesh)

Copper Wire Mesh Samples (20-200 mesh)

Brass Wire Mesh Samples (20-200 mesh)

Bronze Wire Mesh Samples (250-400 mesh)