Pricing, Sample and Delivery

China is a major manufacturing country in the world, and the wire mesh industry is no exception. In China, you can find almost any material and any specifications of wire mesh products, which is also one of our advantages.
However, the price of the wire mesh industry is relatively unstable. The wire mesh market is closely connected with the raw material market, and it is easily affected by the price fluctuations of metals and alloys such as stainless steel, copper, and iron. In addition, according to different application requirements, countless specifications of the mesh also produced different price differences.

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About Wire Mesh Price

Since the wire mesh is a completely customized product, the materials used, mesh size, wire diameter and other specifications are all factors that affect the price. So you need to talk to us about the exact specifications before we can calculate the most appropriate ex-factory price for you. At the same time, your purchase volume is also an important factor that affects the price. For larger orders, we will give greater preferential policies.

Free Sample

In order to ensure that products that meet customer requirements can be accurately provided, Dongfu Wire Mesh provides free samples for any customer for testing and inspection. Usually, we will mail you a mesh of A4 paper size, which is free of charge. And samples of special sizes and specifications will be charged according to the actual situation.
In addition, the shipping cost needs to be paid by you. When the subsequent transaction is concluded, we will return the cost of the sample to you in the order. Sample orders do not support returns.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Dongfu Wire Mesh provide the lowest order quantity for the entire wire mesh industry, thanks to our strong production technology and industry experience. When we continue to expand the market, we have contacted more and more customers with small batch orders and even end consumers for personal use.
Therefore, in order to meet the needs of more different types of customers, we set the minimum order quantity as:
Orders from 1 square meter (customized / inventory)
It should be noted that the smaller order volume does not offer much discount in price, and the shipping cost may sometimes exceed the product price.

Payment Terms

Generally, we provide common payment terms:

  • Full payment is required for orders below $ 5,000.
  • For orders over $ 5000, 30% prepayment is used.

This is the general payment terms, please consult our sales staff for specific orders.

For the convenience of customers, we accept most payment methods, including T / T, L / C at sight, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.
We also support Alibaba’s Trade Assurance Orders because we have opened Alibaba corporate stores.

Delivery and Transportation

1.Usually, large-volume orders are shipped by sea, small-volume orders or sample orders are shipped by express or air. Customers can specify the shipping method.

2.We always prepare enough stock product for your urgent requirement, the delivery time is 7-10 days for all the stock order.

3.Custom orders can’t provide you with a specific delivery time, which depends on the quantity and specifications of the wire mesh products you purchase. Before ordering, we will check with our production department to provide you with the exact delivery time and make a schedule.