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Custom Manufacturing

The customized manufacturing of woven wire mesh is Dongfu wire mesh’s main business for a long time. We are good at solving the needs of various wire mesh products with our rich experience and mature technology. We have been serving large and small customers and users in the global wire mesh industry for a long time, and we are a very reliable supplier of high-quality customized woven wire mesh.

In order to meet the needs of different customers, we provide customized elements on woven wire mesh including:
Various metals and alloys, combinations of mesh count and wire diameters, various weave types, mesh types (rolls, sheets or others), special widths, etc

Technical Support

We will provide professional technical support to anyone, whether you are our customer or not. We are happy to use our expertise to solve more problems for wire mesh and related industries. On this website, we will not constantly update the knowledge of wire mesh and share our experience in this industry.
Welcome to discuss with us any industry-related knowledge on the contact us page.

Processing Services

As a professional and mature manufacturer of wire mesh products, it is necessary to have certain processing capabilities. We provide some reprocessing services for woven wire mesh to save customers’ pretreatment costs and meet the special requirements of some customers.

  • Cutting & Shearing Services
    We can cut all shapes and sizes of woven wire mesh to the size required by customers within strict tolerances.
  • Flattening and Stretching
    Like many metal products, the wire mesh retains its coil set and memory after weaving. This product will affect the use of certain applications and requires processing to make the material flat, level and ready for production. We provide flattening and shaping services to solve these problems for our customers.
  • Slitting Service
    Some customers require that the wire mesh be cut longitudinally to a narrower width for specific applications. Dongfu can provide services that meet almost any slitting requirements.
  • Wire Mesh Stamping
    We can provide products with customized shapes according to customers’ exact specifications to effectively meet all your stamping needs.

Mesh Analysis

We provide mesh analysis services, which means that when you have a mesh without knowing its properties, or when you want to know what specifications are used by others’ meshes. Our experienced technicians are happy to help you analyze it for free.
We will usually give you the alloy and chemical composition of the mesh, the number of meshes, the wire diameter, the opening size and so on.

Procurement for customers

In addition to providing wire mesh products and services, we are happy to help our customers purchase some other products in China. China is a big manufacturing country and a big exporter. Almost all countries in the world are importing Chinese products. As a local company, we can easily help you find the products you need and provide the ideal price and reliable quality.
The reason for mentioning this service is because some of our long-term customers have asked us for help in this regard, which has saved them a lot of time and cost.