Fireplace Screen Mesh

Fireplace Screen Mesh

The fireproof properties of wire mesh make it widely used in fireplace screen applications. The wire mesh with a generally high melting point can easily withstand the temperature of the flame used for heating. And the clear and transparent opening size can not only block the larger embers but also allow you to enjoy the beautiful firelight while enjoying the warmth.

In addition to the fire protection function, the fireplace screen plays an important role in the interior decoration work. The light of the fire and the unique metal color can complement all the decoration from the country comfort to the modern style. We have listed some representative commonly used wire mesh materials for fireplace screen mesh.

Different metal materials bring different decorative effects and styles to the fireplace screen mainly because the appearance color of each metal material is different. We have listed some representative common wire mesh materials. In addition to the difference in appearance, there are also their own characteristics in use.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Fireplace Screen

Stainless steel woven wire mesh, more modern and industrial style. The silver-white metallic color will make the room brighter and more lively. People usually like to use 304 stainless steel wire mesh as the fireplace screen mesh. 304 stainless steel is the most popular stainless steel material, which has the characteristics of sturdiness, high corrosion resistance. In an ordinary indoor environment, it can be used almost permanently, with a high-cost performance.

Brass Wire Mesh for Fireplace Screen

Brass wire mesh is a more popular choice for fireplace screens, and the golden appearance is more suitable for rural or traditional environments. Its advantage is higher strength than copper wire mesh. Because 35% zinc provides higher rigidity and hardness.

Bronze Wire Mesh for Fireplace Screen

The metal color of the bronze wire mesh is bronze (golden brown), which reflects a more refined and elegant style in the application of the fireplace screen mesh. Bronze, which is a combination of 90% copper and 10% zinc, is usually used. Because it contains zinc, it is also relatively hard.

Copper Wire Mesh for Fireplace Screen

Like other copper alloys, the appearance and color of the copper wire mesh is the main reason for its popularity. When used as a fireplace screen, the orange-red copper wire mesh creates an antique atmosphere in the room. Although it does not have the hardness and strength of other alloy materials, it is softer and bendable and extensible. This makes copper wire mesh more suitable for the design of fireplace screens with complex shapes.

Dongfu Wire Mesh can provide any custom design about fireplace screen, choose from weave, specification, size, and various metal materials. You can view the appearance color from the pictures on our website, or you can directly request samples to see the actual color of the wire mesh.