Filtration Applications

Woven Wire Mesh: Filtration and Separation

Almost all applications and industries with filtering requirements can see the existence of woven mesh. As an extremely versatile industrial product, the clear and variable opening size makes wire mesh a reliable solution for filtration applications.

Filtration and separation applications specifically refer to the removal of unwanted impurities in fluids, gases or solids.
You can also think of it as separating solids from liquids, or solids from gases.
The various micron grades and weaving types of the woven wire mesh can arbitrarily control the shape and size of the opening, which gives it the function of accommodating the viscosity or flow rate of particles or liquids of different sizes, making it the most ideal choice for filtration applications.

This application requires the high performance of the wire mesh, usually using corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength materials, which can withstand repeated use without corrosion or damage. Common stainless steel wire mesh (304 or 316) and copper mesh series. Rare metal and special alloy wire mesh with better performance are used in specified or more demanding filtration environments.

Advantages of woven wire mesh in filtration and separation applications:

  1. The arbitrarily changing opening size can accommodate different sizes of particles or liquid viscosity or flow rate.
  2. The characteristics of easy processing can be made into various complex shapes as parts for some applications and equipment.
  3. The heat resistance and wear resistance allow it to be used for a long time without damage.
  4. Clean and hygienic properties can be used in various food industries.
  5. The infinite combination of metal materials and braided specifications to meet various filtration requirements.

Woven wire mesh is used for filtration in a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Miniature mesh parts for miniature valves, condensers and electronic assemblies
  • Used for drainage filtration and impurity screening in oil and gas industry
  • Hot gas filter element for high temperature fuel processing
  • Used for filtration of pollen, fiber, insect and other impurities upstream of air cooling unit
  • Used for industrial wastewater filtration treatment
  • Used for the manufacture of a variety of machine equipment filters
  • Used for filter separation in food industry, such as coffee filter, grain sieve, etc

There are thousands of filtration and separation applications that can use woven wire mesh. Dongfu wire mesh can be customized according to customer requirements for the type of material required for its specific application, weaving method, wire diameter and opening size, etc.

Determine your requirements and communicate with our professional team to obtain custom orders.